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In home Music Lessons
Franklin, TN

I've had the joy of being a professional musician and teaching music lessons to students of all ages for over a decade. We have fun in lessons, because music should be a stress-free part of life! I'm classically trained, but I also play all kinds of genres including jazz, Irish, country, American fiddle, rock, pop and more! Each student is unique, so each lesson is tailored for individual goals! I'm so happy you've chosen to visit this page, please reach out and let me know if there's any questions I can answer.

Why choose "in home" lessons?


I bring lessons to your home at the same time each week, so you can spend more time at home and less time in traffic!

Comfortable Environment for Students

Many students love taking lessons in their own home, it can be easier to focus and more comfortable to learn!

Quality Time

Home lessons can provide a personal one-on-one experience without the distraction of other classes or classroom noise.

More Frequent Performance Opportunities

Many large studios only have one performance each school year. My students are invited to perform each semester for nursing homes and assisted living facilities where family and friends are also invited. The residents love it, and it's a great stress-free environment for the students to spread their wings!

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